Since the early days of Ingress, Niantic has never managed the community and environment properly. Spoofing and multi-accounting were rampant on both factions. Momentary attempts by Niantic to stop the problems, while welcome, have been just that, momentary, and the communities continue to devolve into finger pointing and accusations on both sides. Niantic continues to display an uncaring attitude in keeping the playing field level and fair. So, the communities continue to fight their percieved fights as best they can, when the company that writes the rules selectively enforces them.
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Niantic actively lets many of these transgressions go. The problem is not an ENL / RES or Green / Blue. The problem is the culture that is maintained does not work or enforce its own standards.

The faction specific tools were held to the "most trusted" ... "most powerful" ... agents in their factions.
So, now we will open the game to all players to have the same information and equal chance to gain the advantages and secrets every Agent so richly deserves.

Enter at your own risk :: All the Data can be found here.

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